Corporate Services

At South Coast Hearing Care I will happily accommodate any corporate hearing care services.

The Health & Safety Executive have extensive information about controlling the risks when employees are working within a noisy environment. The “Control of Noise at Work Regulations” (2005) require employers to eliminate or reduce risks to health & safety from noise at work. One of these regulations requires health surveillance assessments to monitor employees hearing.


You will probably need to do something about noise in the workplace if any of the following apply

  • Your employees need to raise their voices to carry out normal conversation when about 2 metres apart for at least part of their working day.
  • Your employees use noisy powered tools or machinery for more than half an hour each day
  • Your sector is one known to have noisy tasks for example: construction, demolition, road repair, waste & recycling, engineering, forging or stamping to name a few.
  • There are noises due to impacts for example hammering, pneumatic impact tools or explosive sources.

More can be found on the Health & Safety Executive website under Noise at Work - Regulations .

I am able to provide full Audiological hearing test on an annual basis and provide a written report for your records. It is recommended that hearing tests are completed once a year for the first two years then three yearly thereafter. If a problem is detected more regular testing maybe advised.

Hearing protection is one way that you are able to protect your employees hearing. I am able to offer advice in relation to your business needs when it comes to which hearing protection will be most suitable for your workplace. A range of products can be found on our Hearing Protection products page.

Please contact me for more details and pricing of corporate services.

Corporate Services